Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SwiftKey Keyboard: Top Alternative for Your Default Android Keyboard

Are you feeling bored with your default Android keyboard? Want a keyboard with extreme customisation and magnificent predictions? Thanks to SwiftKey-the best alternative for your default Android keyboard (I can't use the word alternative as SwiftKey stands many miles away from the standard keyboard). 
SwiftKey Keyboard's different styles

Here are some standalone features that SwiftKey offers:

Superb Prediction Engine:

The thing I liked the most about SwiftKey is its prediction. It will learn from you and it becomes smarter over time. Perhaps you could add your Gmail, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote accounts to SK so that it can learn your language skills and predict the words more accurately.

Wide Variety of Themes:

Do you know why I love Android? Of course, the reason is extreme customisation. SK has many themes, both free and premium. Also the app provides three layouts for the keyboard- full, thumb and compact.
Thumb layout of SwiftKey Keyboard

Multi Lingual:

SK offers over 60 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arab etc. That's good for someone who knows and uses many languages. You can use up to three languages on your keyboard at a time.

SwiftKey Flow: 
Type with gestures on your Android Keyboard-SwiftKey Flow

This thing helps you to type with gesture, instead of tapping the keys. Just scribble the word over the keyboard and type easily. It's a thing worth a try.

Cloud Based Sync:

You can sync your personalisation data over the cloud and can be used in multiple devices. SwiftKey also download the trending phrases from the Web and type those words with ease.

Final Words:

SwiftKey is an award-winning free Android app that makes you in love with the virtual keyboard interface. The only down side I see right now is that it's prediction accuracy decreases on lengthy text. That may be fixed over time or as SwiftKey said; it might become smarter as time evolves.

So, which is your favorite Android keyboard? Is it SwiftKey or any other one? Please point out your valuable reply in the comment section. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watch Fifa World Cup Online in India

It's football time and the world is behind the crazy game. If you don't have access to television, you will miss the action. This post will give an overview on how to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 online.
On Your PC:

Sony Six is the official broadcaster of the world cup in India. You can watch live gaming action on the Sony Six website for Rs. 120. Just visit the website and register for an account.

On YouTube:
The games will be streamed on the YouTube channel of Sony Liv. However, there will be a delay on the channel than the live coverage.

On Your Smartphone:
Yeah, I said Smartphone. Download and install Sony Liv app from the Play Store or iTunes. But you need to pay the money to access the service (Rs 120).

Tata Sky Everywhere:
Are you a Tata Sky subscriber? You are lucky then. You can watch the world cup on your phone by downloading the Tata Sky Everywhere app. You will have free access to the app for a period of one month, which is enough to watch the match.

If you don't need video, you could download the official FIFA application which provides live scores, team info, match fixtures etc.
Note: This only works for people residing in India
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Use Whatsapp on your Wifi Only Android Tab

"Whatsapp???".  Those days are gone when people exclaim hearing it.  We all know that Whatsapp is a fast growing social network based on a Smartphone. The fast delivery of messages and privacy make Whatsapp the favorite hood of social birds. 
While you're enjoying Whatsapp on your phone, you miss it a lot on a wifi-only tablet. Today I am going to show you a little tweak that will help you to make Whatsapp work in your tab that has no cellular connection and you don't need root access.  Follow these steps:
  1. Download and install an app like GoContact from the Play Store.
  2. Download the apk file of Whatsapp and install it.
  3. Open Whatsapp after installing. Enter the mobile number you want to use.
  4. Now Whatsapp will send you a verification sms. Cancel that and select verification via phone.
  5. You will receive a call and enter the verification number.

"Tada"!  You can now use Whatsapp in your tablet. If you have any problem do ask us via the comment box. Please subscribe to us for cool tricks like this.
Happy Chatting!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Tips to Charge Your Smart Phone

Smart phones are my best friends. They help me in completing my jobs. But in many instances my face has become red when I consider their rate if charging the battery. I was thinking about ways to quickly charge my phone, and like most of you I also googled it.

This post is a mixture of resources that I find across the web and my own experiments. So here are the tips to quickly charge your smart phone:
  • Switch Off Your Phone: You may tell me that you didn't buy a phone to just see it. Please don't think that I'm crazy! Switching off your phone will boost the charging rate as its current duty is to fill its battery. You could also think about airplane mode. It will turn off network, wifi, GPS and sort of things like that.
  • Connect Your Charger to the Power Socket: Charging from the power socket is faster than using USB. USB cables main function is to transfer data between your computer and mobile. Charging is its secondary function. So always try to charge from the power socket.
  • Use the Right Charger: By using the term 'right charger' I mean use the charger that was provided when you bought your smart phone. It's because of the fact that all phones have different charging rate and the adapter that come with your device is the most suitable one.
  • Remove Your Phone's Case or Cover: Though this is an optional one I strongly recommend it. Your device is more hotter when it has a case than when it doesn't have. Providing a cool interface will help in boosting your device's charging rate (Lol, don't put your phone in a refrigerator).
  • Use a Power Bank: Power bank is a device that helps you charge in situations when you don't have access to direct power supply. First, you have to charge the power bank. When you are out of power connect your phone to the power bank. As these devices are specialized in charging, it will charge your phone quickly.
Following these steps will help you to charge your phone 10-30% faster. Oh! Forget to tell you something! If you charge your smart phone in Airplane mode, please don't work with the phone. If you do so, your device will be charged slowly as your phone's screen is a main killer of the battery.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Root your Android Phone or Tablet in One Click

"Rooting!" I don't think this will be the expression on your face, if you are a person who drains most out of your Android phone or tab. Well, if you haven't heard it yet, then it is my duty to explain.

Rooting means bypassing the limits that were set up by the developers due to one or another reason. The advantages of rooting are:
  • Use apps like Titanium backup, ES file Explorer, etc to back up your apps, optimize your device, automate and so on.
  • You can flash a custom ROM. It simply means that you can install a customized version of android on your device. Everyone loves customisation, you know!. If you want to change the look of your phone without rooting then you could download launchers from Play store. A detail post about this will be covered soon.
  • Bypass network restriction and additional data charges for using a wifi hotspot in your device.
  • Connect 3G dongles to your wifi only tablet.
Cool! Isn't it? The most interesting thing is that these are some of the many features that you get when you root your phone. So why should you avoid rooting? Follow these steps to successfully root your android system:
  1. Download Mobogenie on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Connect your Phone/Tab via USB and click on 'Connect my phone' on My Phone Tab. Make sure that USB debugging is switched on. You could check this by going to Setting>> Developer Options. Tick on USB debugging to switch it on.
  3. Mobogenie will automatically download the required drivers and your phone will be connected.
  4. Now click on the Root my Phone option. Necessary tools will be downloaded automatically and your phone will be rooted in a few minutes.
Now, you and your Smart Phone/Tablet is independent. Enjoy your freedom. If you want to make your friends independent then do share this article with them.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Xiaomi MI-3 Review and Giveaway

Hearing the name of this Chinese smart phone for the first time? Think it's another waste of money? I don't know what you are thinking, but you will be in love with Xiaomi MI-3 after reading this.
Xiaomi Mi3

It has a five inch IPS LCD capacitive screen and weighs 145 grams. Its size stands between a smart phone and a phablet. The sides of the phone are curved and rounded. Xiaomi MI-3 is made up of plastic, but it has a look of an aluminium body and it is solid. 

The Operating System:
Xiaomi MI-3 has customized Android 4.2.1 jelly bean. Even though it has Android, it has an Apple iOS interference. The user friendly interference stands alone. The phone has some cool features that the other doesn't have. It has built-in call recording facilities that work on Android with third-party applications. The most interesting thing is that it has a guest mode! Don't think I am telling about a PC, it's a smart phone man!

Xiaomi Mi3 menu

The Guest mode allows us to hide call  history, messages, pictures and launcher settings. You can automatically record all the calls or set the list of numbers to be recorded.

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera

The Chinese phone has a  13 Megapixel  camera with dual LED flash light and it is powered by Sony Exmor sensor. Otherl features are touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization etc. A long press on volume button can start rapid shooting. However the phone lacks a camera button.

Other features are Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth v4.0, microUSB 2.0 and NFC. The phone has A-GPS support too. The phone offers 42 Mbps speed in DC-HSDPA, 21 Mbps speed in HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps in HSUPA. Bad luck, the phone doesn't have 4G.

In overall the phone is good. The phone cost less than $450. You will be surprised that its competitors are Sony Xperia Z1, LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The specs are good and no one can complain more about the camera. Click the link below to win the Xiaomi Mi3 The giveaway ends on Friday, April 11.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nokia Lumia 1020 Giveaway

Freebies are great and all love it. So Technospot Blog has decided to launch a new section - a Giveaway section. In this section you will be provided with blog post that contain information about giveaways  of softwares, computer accessories and even smart phones. Subscribe, or you will miss a chance to win.

Did I say Smart Phone? Then the first giveaway in the list is Nokia Lumia 1020- the smart phone made for photography. With a 41 mega pixel camera and Nokia PureView technology this phone stands at the top of the Lumia series.


As the phone is made for photography, the phone comes with a Camera Grip. The Camera Grip has its own micro USB port for charging and the grip itself has a charging indicator and gives Lumia 1020 a look of a camera. It has a Xenon LED flash. The other camera features are Auto Focus, Panorama, Night Mode and other usual stuffs. Just enter the giveaway by clicking here. The giveaway ends on 06/04/2014.

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