Thursday, March 1, 2012

Opera Mini Next

Opera has launched the new Opera Mini 7 preview version-'Opera Mini Next'. It is for symbian, blackberry and J2ME platform. Normally opera mini support nine speed dial, but the now it has unlimited speed dial support. The maijn feature of this version is advanced social media function. It has a login link in its homepage to login to facebook and twitter. After logging in it will give the new news on facebook and twitter post. To view the new post just press the reload button. It also have a ttray named 'Your News'. It will give the latest post of websites that are subscribed to RSS feed. The new opera has an automated system to list our favourite page by counting our visit on the page. It has a tray for google with links to Google+, Gmail and Google News with a single click. It has a builtin bookmark tray with bookmarks of some important websites. Know mre by downloading it from here.