Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SwiftKey Keyboard: Top Alternative for Your Default Android Keyboard

Are you feeling bored with your default Android keyboard? Want a keyboard with extreme customisation and magnificent predictions? Thanks to SwiftKey-the best alternative for your default Android keyboard (I can't use the word alternative as SwiftKey stands many miles away from the standard keyboard). 
SwiftKey Keyboard's different styles

Here are some standalone features that SwiftKey offers:

Superb Prediction Engine:

The thing I liked the most about SwiftKey is its prediction. It will learn from you and it becomes smarter over time. Perhaps you could add your Gmail, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote accounts to SK so that it can learn your language skills and predict the words more accurately.

Wide Variety of Themes:

Do you know why I love Android? Of course, the reason is extreme customisation. SK has many themes, both free and premium. Also the app provides three layouts for the keyboard- full, thumb and compact.
Thumb layout of SwiftKey Keyboard

Multi Lingual:

SK offers over 60 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arab etc. That's good for someone who knows and uses many languages. You can use up to three languages on your keyboard at a time.

SwiftKey Flow: 
Type with gestures on your Android Keyboard-SwiftKey Flow

This thing helps you to type with gesture, instead of tapping the keys. Just scribble the word over the keyboard and type easily. It's a thing worth a try.

Cloud Based Sync:

You can sync your personalisation data over the cloud and can be used in multiple devices. SwiftKey also download the trending phrases from the Web and type those words with ease.

Final Words:

SwiftKey is an award-winning free Android app that makes you in love with the virtual keyboard interface. The only down side I see right now is that it's prediction accuracy decreases on lengthy text. That may be fixed over time or as SwiftKey said; it might become smarter as time evolves.

So, which is your favorite Android keyboard? Is it SwiftKey or any other one? Please point out your valuable reply in the comment section.