Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Tips to Charge Your Smart Phone

Smart phones are my best friends. They help me in completing my jobs. But in many instances my face has become red when I consider their rate if charging the battery. I was thinking about ways to quickly charge my phone, and like most of you I also googled it.

This post is a mixture of resources that I find across the web and my own experiments. So here are the tips to quickly charge your smart phone:
  • Switch Off Your Phone: You may tell me that you didn't buy a phone to just see it. Please don't think that I'm crazy! Switching off your phone will boost the charging rate as its current duty is to fill its battery. You could also think about airplane mode. It will turn off network, wifi, GPS and sort of things like that.
  • Connect Your Charger to the Power Socket: Charging from the power socket is faster than using USB. USB cables main function is to transfer data between your computer and mobile. Charging is its secondary function. So always try to charge from the power socket.
  • Use the Right Charger: By using the term 'right charger' I mean use the charger that was provided when you bought your smart phone. It's because of the fact that all phones have different charging rate and the adapter that come with your device is the most suitable one.
  • Remove Your Phone's Case or Cover: Though this is an optional one I strongly recommend it. Your device is more hotter when it has a case than when it doesn't have. Providing a cool interface will help in boosting your device's charging rate (Lol, don't put your phone in a refrigerator).
  • Use a Power Bank: Power bank is a device that helps you charge in situations when you don't have access to direct power supply. First, you have to charge the power bank. When you are out of power connect your phone to the power bank. As these devices are specialized in charging, it will charge your phone quickly.
Following these steps will help you to charge your phone 10-30% faster. Oh! Forget to tell you something! If you charge your smart phone in Airplane mode, please don't work with the phone. If you do so, your device will be charged slowly as your phone's screen is a main killer of the battery.
If you have any tips to charge the smart phone quickly do comment here. Also share this post with your friends or colleagues who use their smart phones badly.